About Us


We seek to improving our technology,
embracing the challenges of tomorrow.

Challenge & Innovation

We aim at becoming the frontier in recycling industry,
creating value from wastes for our customers and the environment via our technology and playing a vital role for other industries in Taiwan.

LienTai Corporation is  a recycling company focusing on reclaiming the resources of difficult-to-reuse waste. When it was set up by Wan-lung Lien and his partners in 1972, the Company’s mainly business is to produce coated duplex board. Facing the fierce competition from China, the company adapted its production line for recycling wasted beverage paper cartons in 2004, taking out the pulp from the cartons and sent the remaining to the incinerators. Started in 2008, Lien-Tai started to co-work with Tetra Pak Taiwan, a leading beverage manufacturer in the world, to develop the technology for 100% recycle the wasted beverage carton.

Using this new technology as a basis, the company is now the only one in Taiwan which can 100% recycle the wasted beverage cartons and other similar waste such as plastic-coated paper lunch boxes and paper coffee cup you would use every morning. With the innovation of its recycling process, Lien-Tai also recycles various kinds of composite package materials, including waste of coated paper production, bag of cement, aluminum foil bag of silicon wafer and so on. Right now, the company is investing in recycling industrial sludge, gasified it to green energy.


History & Milestones
  • 2004

    Stops manufacturing duplex board and transforms to a coated paper recycling company.

  • 2009

    The new plastic manufacturing line begins production, recycling PE films on wasted paper containers to PE plastic pellets.

  • 2010

    Starts to recycle cement bags, PE coated paper leftover, pulper waste from other paper manufacturer, aluminum foil bag from semiconductor manufacturer.

  • 2012

    The second line begins production, recyling PP waste.

  • 2015

    The sludge gasifier begins production, recycling sludge of wastewater treatment to fire-resistant building material.

  • 2016

    Starts to recycle cement bags, PE coated paper leftover, pulper waste from other paper manufacturer, aluminum foil bag from semiconductor manufacturer.

Core Values


As an experienced recycling company, Lien Tai's principal goal is environmental sustainability; it's the foundation of our core values and business philosophy, which build-in in our strategy, management style, and recycling process. We care long-term benefit of all our stakeholders rather than short-term monetary gain. Lien Tai’s ultimate target is to renew our precious resources continuously without endangering our environment.


Integrity is the essence of Lien Tai’s advancement in the recycling industry; therefore it is the utmost importance attribute for our team. Lien Tai's employees uphold with honesty and comply with the highest standards of moral and ethical values through their personal and professional behavior. As with our customers, we do not make commitments lightly, but once we made, we strive to meet the obligations.


We pursue innovation in all aspects in Lien Tai. Our vision is to be a frontier in the recycling industry. To achieve this, we encourage each team members to put forward their ideas and make ambitious plans; authorizing them to carry out the plans with trial and errors, turning idea into a reality.


We rate our employees highly; employees are our most valuable asset. We expect mutual commitment between our staff and the management team. Our ability to regularly recruit and develop talents who understand our core values and vision, which fosters a great company culture.

Business Philosophy

Sustainability is Our Social Responsibility.

    • Self-discipline, integrity, and cohesion.
    • An advocate for sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way.
    • Innovation and excellence in waste management.
    • A commitment to customer relationship management, creating value for our clients by providing high-quality service and recycling solutions.
    • A commitment to building a dynamic and safe work environment.

Development Plan

We adhere to our business philosophy to pursue organic growth

Our Development Plan includes:

    • Improving our recycling technology, raising the value of the wastes and reducing the impact to environment from our process.
    • Exporting our recycling solutions to other countries.
    • Developing recycling technology for recycleless wastes, to reduce their capacity or reprocess them into valuable resources.
    • Investing in biomass energy to relieve the problems from limited capacity of waste incineration and insufficient supply of electricity in Taiwan.

Lien Tai Paper Corporation